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A lot of stars aligned for Kristin and her husband to move to this tiny 12 mile long by 6 mile wide island, Saipan, which also happens to be the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

She and her husband had/have a lot of friends living and working on the island in the same industry: skydiving. They tossed the idea around, lightly, for a couple of years, but never committed. Once their really close friends moved to Saipan, they thought they’d give it ago. Her husband applied for the job and they thought maybe there’d be a spot open in a couple of months. Literally a week later, he was hired and they started the process of flipping their lives upside down and moving to a tiny island they knew nothing about.

It’s been the best decision for them. They enjoy the slow island life, hunting for coconuts, and being beach bums. They are also so close to Asia that they’re able to travel a lot – they just got back from Japan! Kristin doesn’t work, so she’s been spending her time learning how to use her Nikon and she just started her own little travel/living in Saipan blog, The Traveling Berrys. She hopes to start vlogging too, as they plan to spend the next 3-5 years on this rock. You can also find her on Instagram @kristin_nicholephotography.

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