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September 2013

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Amble/Alnwick/Geneva/York/Belfast (Yorkshire blood 100%)

According to Kirsty’s husband, she shares the same personality trait as Fat Amy from the film Pitch Perfect of saying things at the most inappropriate times. Luckily, he finds it endearing after 26 years together. Many others do not.

At an early age, Kirsty was brainwashed by her Yorkshire parents into believing, no matter where she lived, she was Yorkshire first, English second. So she’s become one of the best complainers in the area, especially about the heat in the Caribbean. Oh, and she never lets anyone forget how Northerners are the most intelligent, articulate, beautiful people in the whole wide world. However, Anguilla has won her heart and she’s in no rush to return to the miserable weather and her grumpy fellow Yorkshiremen.

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