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March 2015

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Utrecht, the Netherlands

Kaj has had the travel itch ever since she was 18 when her parents were on the verge of killing her as she moved to Latin America. With a backpack bigger than her very petite body (not all Dutch people are tall!), she traveled around the continent and came across a whole lot more adventures than her bag could hold.

Bitten and smitten by the travel bug, in 2012 Kaj packed her backpack once again and moved to the world’s least tropical rock: Scotland. Over the next year, she got a university degree and – more importantly – discovered that the weather in Scotland is indeed as bad as they say. Hence, to increase her Vitamin D levels, Kaj and her backpack buddied up for a new adventure and made their way to a somewhat sunnier rock. And that’s how she began her life on Bonaire with her boyfriend, Jeff, and Attila, their guard iguana. You can read more about her adventures on her personal blog.

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Living on a tropical rock has its perks. For one, wearing flip flops all year round is awesome. It saves you a lot of time: no need for shoelaces, washing dirty socks or spending hours trying on all kinds of different shoes till you find the perfect one. Flip flops...

My Run-In With The Island Police

"Boom!" is all I heard as my green island Jeep collided with a big, stripe-y, police truck. Crap. Growing up in the city, I never understood why people felt the urge to drive. First, you're stuck in a traffic jam for at least an hour. Then, as the clock ticks away,...

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A little over a year ago, my backpack (a true beauty) and I were ready to tackle another adventure. After 11 months of bunk beds in Latin America, a year of whisky, bagpipes, and kilts in Scotland, and a few weeks of cycling along the canals of Utrecht, we left town...

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