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I’m Joanne. An island girl from birth. Mangoes, Carnival, and Sunsets are three of my favourite things, perhaps even in that order. I write books… and other things too. Writing and editing from the Caribbean is not the easiest thing in the world, but the morning breeze and the birdsong competing with the music on my laptop beats cubicle and high-rise living in my mind. For more on my books, to hire my writing or editing services, to find out about my coaching and workshop services, or just to keep up with my reflections on the writing life, visit my website JHOHADLI

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Island Food as Culture: The Great Ducana Debate

Every Good Friday, if you happen to have Antiguans and Barbudans in your social media feed, you may realize there’s a debate that becomes something of a ritual – let’s call it the Great Ducana Debate. It’s a debate in which fans of this traditional Antiguan and...

How to Predict Rain in the Caribbean

You’re getting ready to go out and you pause... is it going to rain today? You try to think back to what the weatherman said. Outside of hurricane season (when you’d better be paying attention), most of us usually register that he said something like, “Fair to partly...

Distinguishing “Summer” in the Tropics

As I write this, I am sitting on my back porch, somewhere between mango season and Carnival season. To the uninitiated, the blue skies above and warm day cooled by the trade winds suggest summer. But this is an island in the tropics – it’s always summer; so, we have other ways to mark the passage of time.

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