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UK / Canada

24 years ago, one giant stride off of the edge of a swimming pool plunged Jayne into a life she couldn’t have dreamed for herself. Putting one fin in front of the other, she made an unplanned (but safe!) ascent through the ranks of recreational divers to become a dive instructor in the chilly northern waters of Vancouver, B.C and in 1997, she decided to “head South” for a one year adventure.   Since decisions have a way of becoming destiny, Jayne traded pine trees for palm trees and for the past 20 years has built a life in the Caribbean.

Jayne and her husband spend most of their days underwater, running their small dive company in the Turks and Caicos Islands. But when her fins come off, she often picks up a pen to indulge her second love: the written word. Whether it’s writing for a local tourist publication,  the performing arts, or just musings on the humdrum and hackneyed happenings of this thing called life, Jayne enjoys finding humor in the truisms of everyday living we can all relate to, no matter where in the world we find ourselves nesting.

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As Caribbean nations start to loosen their border restrictions, the allure of near empty beaches and low hotel occupancy is calling to (masked) travellers. For some, it’s a return visit to a beloved home away from home - perhaps an island destination they have been...

Hard Habit to Break

When I moved to the Caribbean 23 years ago,I had never greeted someone with a kiss or even contemplated it.  I’d seen it done in movies, or when watching Ascot on television. The people that kissed on cheeks were ‘of a certain class’ and I certainly was not.  Then I moved to the islands. I quickly learned that meeting a stranger, usually an expat resident, was met with an immediate duck in for the kiss on the cheek. It felt jovial and friendly and warm. And strange.

Reminders for Traveling Islanders: Aviation Etiquette

  Dear Fellow Islander:  The very nature of living on an island means that we all look forward to our jaunts 'off-island' - and this means that we spend more than our fair share of time with layovers in one airport or another. Walking through MIA recently, I felt...

The Best Part of Winter in the Tropics

Ahhh, winter in the Caribbean. That most wonderful time of year when we don’t feel like our entire being is going to melt into a sticky, sweaty puddle (yes, even the puddles are sweaty) at the very thought of stepping outside. That time of year when we can choose a...

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