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Madison, WI

Heidi is currently living every tourist’s fantasy of going on vacation, falling in love with a local, and moving to an island to live happily ever after. Her “ever after” includes daily trips to the grocery store to see if the food containers have come in yet, playing with her Whippet/Terrier/Anguillan Long Dog mix, Oliver, on the beach, and drinking wine with her boyfriend’s extremely large and much beloved network of cousins. Heidi is an ardent animal lover with future plans to own a herd of goats, once she figures out a way to train goats to stay off her roof and not get stuck up there while she’s at the beach.

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How to Survive Your First Carnival

Starting at the end of July, Anguilla was buzzing with talent competitions, Battle of the Band nights, food everywhere you turned, and, of course, boat races. Carnival had arrived! Every summer, Anguillians celebrate their emancipation from slavery with parades,...

Gambling with My Grin: Choosing an Island Dentist

Any time you move, whether it be to a new city, a new state, or a new island, you have to go through the process of replacing all of your “people”. Leaving home, you also leave behind a whole host of folks whose jobs it is to keep you healthy, happy, and groomed –...

Island Ambassadors of the K9 Kind

When I moved down to Anguilla, I was faced with the problem of figuring out how to give my 10-month old puppy enough exercise each day so that he wouldn’t destroy our house. In the U.S., he’d gone to doggy daycare to get his ya-yas out and would come home exhausted,...

Coffee Shop Cravings on the Rock

The one thing I've really missed about the United States since moving to my rock is good coffee. Anguilla is a British protectorate and thus, most of the locals follow the British tradition of being coffee-shunning tea drinkers. Yes, you can get a cappuccino at the...

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