Written By:

Gayle Seale

Current Rock of Residence:


Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

Toronto, Canada

Former city girl Gayle arrived on her rock via a business trip in Dec 1990 to set-up a squash tournament on the beach. The squash event never happened – but she met a boy! Fell in love (as you do) and never left. A few years later, she married the boy and quickly had two amazing children. The children have since left home and have been replaced by a four pack of wild Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and three tortoises.

Now she’s a full-time ambassador for her husband’s little rum distillery and a part-time anything-but-weddings photographer. She spends her time between work (which really isn’t like work as it’s so much fun), playing with her lovely dogs, and hanging on the beach paddleboarding whenever she has the time. Gotta take advantage of the perks of island life! She also travels a lot – the secret to a long and happy island life. Oh, and also the mantra: IT NEVER SNOWS HERE!!

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