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Eliza discovered she was an island girl at the tender age of 9 when she first visited Haiti, on the island of Hispaniola, with her father. From the first blast of the brilliant Caribbean sun to the sway of the dancers’ hips to Merengue music, she was hooked. Years later, Eliza had an opportunity to teach a class on the other half of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic, and her island girl spark was rekindled. Within a year she sold her home and moved to the capital, Santo Domingo. Living and working in the D.R. running a creative service company has taught her valuable new skills such as how to work al paso (slowly) and remain tranquila (relaxed). It is said that when a gringa lives in the Dominican Republic long enough she becomes aplatanada, which means she has eaten enough plantains to be considered Dominicana. Eliza has not only eaten her share of plantains, but she’s cooked them herself too! Currently she listens to Latin music all day long and continues to consume plantains in Dominicana quantities. She also blogs at Amor y Sabor.

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