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Originally from outside of Chicago, Elissa came to Tortola one day on vacation and guess what – she met a guy. Go figure. They dated long distance for a few years and then very unceremoniously decided to get married. He claims she only married him to get away from the cold, bleary, god awful, snow filled, wind blown, cloudy days of Chicago. She pleads the 5th.

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No Voodoo Here, Officer!

On my little adopted rock, I have a deep reverence and appreciation for the melting pot of customs, cultures, and religions represented here from all over the world. From African, to South American, to North American, to European, to all manner of Caribbean nations -...

7 Steps to Island Driving Mastery

Mastering the ins and outs of driving on an island is no small feat. As a newbie driver moving from the US to the British Virgin Islands, I was required to take the BVI's written test in order to get a valid driver's license. Even with a US driver's license, it's...

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