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Somewhere in the Caribbean

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arrived in error, 2011

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A frequently regretted, late night, red wine decision resulted in her arrival to the islands. She lives on one rock and commutes to work, by boat, to another rock. Her isolated hillside apartment has unrestricted ocean views. She’s a booty call for a scorching hot Rastafarian. Yet, if you allow her to take off those rose-tinted spectacles, she’ll be the first to tell you – life’s a bitch. If you’re looking for a reason not to live on a rock, you’ll get it from her.

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The Jumbie Factor

A jumbie is a malevolent (possibly evil) and mischievous entity that plays a central part in many Caribbean folklores. I suppose they are akin to imps, sprites, ghosts, and pixies. Mocko jumbie shows, which are put on as a part of the cultural experience for tourists...

Me, My Radiator, and My Day Off

I was talking to someone recently about how frustrating it is that everything over here is constantly breaking. But then I began to wonder whether things actually did disproportionately break on this rock or whether the truth was that it simply took a...

Spa Therapy

I'm not a big fan of spa treatments.  It's all a bit too touchy-feely for me.  A decent pedicure is pretty much my limit.  Typically, I will only get a spa treatment if I am on holiday or overwhelmed by guilt.  The main reason being that unnecessary expenses can...

Eco Warriors

I don't really consider the Caribbean island I reside on to be a "developing country" (though I'm actually not quite sure how the '"developing" status is allocated), however, unlike the developing world, recycling is considered a foreign word and dropping litter is...

A Day at the Beach

For anyone who is living in the city or a cold climate, I offer you this gentle reminder that, like most things in life, the idea of a day at the beach is often far better than the reality. With only one day off each week and living in a place that (summer excluded)...


If you haven't got one, you either lack imagination or lack mental health issues. The only way to get over one is to become a parent and hope that one of your children has the same phobia as you. As a parent, you have no choice but to get over it or else your little...

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