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Darlene is a freelance journalist currently living in Bermuda, Boston, and London. She has worked as an anchor and reporter for both the Boston CBS-TV and NBC-TV affiliates, as well as a special correspondent for the nationally syndicated show America’s Most Wanted. She was co-host of âMcCarthy & Vigue and Leave It To Divas, two radio talk shows on WRKO-Boston; as well as a columnist for The Bermudian Magazine and the Bermuda Sun Newspaper. She also authors a travel blog, Traversing the Triangle, which concentrates on the people and places within her triangle of travel including London, Bermuda, Boston, and beyond.

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The Art of Island Civility

“Good morning. How are you?” If you’re smart, this is the first expression you’ll add to your verbal repertoire upon arriving in Bermuda, followed very quickly by “good afternoon” and then, of course, “good evening.” These simple phrases are the accepted conversation...

Sticker Shock on the Rock

Bermuda is not for the faint-hearted when it comes to the pocketbook. This island may be a magnet for international high finance, but after your first trip to the grocery store, you will question whether you’re actually earning enough. Tax free or not. My first round...

Declaration Of Truth

This is the time of year when many expats from Bermuda travel abroad to see their families and then return, along with thousands of visitors eager to see the place we now call home. My first glimpse of Bermuda from the air is always an alluring one. Blue skies and...

Learning to Tread Lightly

“What is making all that racket?” an inquisitive friend of ours asked. It was his first summer on the island, and we watched as he searched in vain for the source of the noise beyond our patio. “Oh, that? We almost don't hear it anymore. Those are tree frogs.” “Sounds...

Eleven Seconds

There is not an expat alive who lands on this island and doesn't yearn to get behind the wheel of a car and onto the rest of her life. But first, there is the TCD - or more formally, The Transportation Control Department - to contend with. I am a brave woman. But the...

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