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Although she’s a self-proclaimed “sassy Hoosier”, Colleen is happy to call Grenada her home rock. She relocated there in August of 2015 to pursue veterinary school and has grown to love the quirks of island life. Navigating vet school in a new country has presented challenges, but it is from those challenges that she derives her strength. In her free time, she enjoys exploring her new home and its local culture, lazing around the beach, reading, and befriending stray animals.

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Dear Sweet Grenada: An Island Goodbye Letter

Dear Sweet Grenada, I’m sorry to have to do this, but it has come time for us to break up. I’ve seen this coming for a while now, as the end of the didactic portion of my veterinary training is coming to an end, and it’s time for me to return to the states. Although...

10 Signs You’re Undeniably An Island Mermaid

In case you haven’t noticed, mermaids are all the rage right now. From the mermaid blanket tails (yes, I own one) to seashell wedding tiaras, mermaids have officially made a comeback. But how do you know if you should for shore shed your legs for a tail fin? Here are...

How the Clock Ticks as a Vet Student on a Rock

“Time... why do you punish me? Like a wave bashing into the shore... you wash away my dreams.” For anyone who loves American ‘90s music, this line may ring a bell. Whenever I think about time - and I seem to be thinking about it a lot lately - I hear Darius Rucker’s...

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