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Islamorada, Florida Keys

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Part time since 1984; Full time since 2016

Originally Hails From:

South Dakota, then Florida

Can you really live full time in the Keys? Cindy and her husband Lat are about to find out. After having a second home in the Keys for the past 20 years, they are now moving full time to Islamorada to begin a new stage in life – retirement!

While Lat is a 6th generation Floridian (how many of those do you know?!), Cindy grew up on a farm in South Dakota and has lived in Florida since they were married in 1984. They have always lived where shopping centers, malls, and entertainment were within a short drive. Their communities have been filled with people just like them with growing families and a lot of kid-driven activities. If that wasn’t enough, they had their own business and work took every minute of the time they had left.

Now, they’ve sold their business, their 3 sons are grown, and their beloved dog has died. They are now on their own! It’s a little scary but they’re looking forward to doing the things they always thought they’d love to do. And they’re going to see if they can do them on an island! To follow more of their adventures, check out Cindy’s blog, Tropical Life, Food and Fun.

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