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Christine moved to St. Thomas in May of 2011 after years of being encouraged to give up her corporate life in the city of Chicago by her then boyfriend, now husband. Upon experiencing this whirlwind of change, she discovered that the sunny life of an island girl was healthier, happier, and simpler than the old hustle and bustle of the stateside world she once knew. Although the islands prove to be an often backwards and sometimes puzzling place to live, Christine has learned to laugh about how silly life can truly be down here. She now appreciates the islands for what they are and tries to balance the nonsensical aspects of rock life by enjoying the many outdoor activities the islands have to offer such as golfing, running, paddleboarding, boating, and windsurfing. You can read more about Christine’s experiences on her personal blog, Taking the Plunge.

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My Island Life as a Ripe Mango

Life has changed a whole lot for me during these last 5 months... mostly due to this whole pregnancy thing that I’ve got going on. While being pregnant presents a lifestyle change for women everywhere, living on an island adds a few unique quirks that I've also been...

The Pride of Ownership

My husband and I have now been living in our newly-purchased house for 6 months. Of course, we have an overwhelming list of things we want and need to do. I’ll admit that of all the things on our list, I have been most anxious to start renovating the inside. Thanks to...

September in “Paradise”

I often get asked by my stateside friends how much longer I plan on living down in the Caribbean. More specifically, they want to know if I’m planning on living here forever. I find it rather baffling that this is where their mind goes, as the world is getting more...

We Bought a House! In the Islands!

Yes, it’s true. In April, my husband and I signed the paperwork that officially made us homeowners on the beautiful island of St. Thomas. There’s no turning back now!   In signing those papers, not only was I formally binding myself to the house, but also to St....

8 Tuff Miles

Being as small as they are, our islands don’t offer many road races for those of us that are runners. However, once a year in St. John, there is one race called 8 Tuff Miles that is well known for being one of the toughest (tuff!) runs you can do down here. The first...

How I Now See Less as More

After living in the Virgin Islands for 2 1/2 years, I've become pretty accustomed to most of the challenges and joys that make up life in the Caribbean. My initially intense longings for a Starbuck's coffee have subsided (what are they even serving now, peppermint...

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