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Caught in the mundane of landlocked life, Carie and Husband made the decision to sell it all and see what island life may have to offer. They sought many things including the rejection of death by beige office walls and a focus on life outside the rat race. A mere 120 days later, they landed in Maui with their two pups, Old Dog and Miss Monster.

Carie is now in pursuit of a career as a wordsmith and a life less expected. Husband is exploring the pleasures of working with the land. The pups are just loving life. None of them know whether this is the first or the last stop in this adventure, but they all know that the future is sure to hold a wealth of surprises and the mundane has been left in the dust.

When they aren’t out exploring this brave new world, Carie and Husband can be found untangling dog-related shenanigans, feeding their news junky additions, or whipping up some new, creative miracle in the kitchen. Actually, Husband would be the one creating those kitchen miracles while Carie stands in awe, if we’re being honest. You can follow Carie’s daily debacles on her blog, Beyond Boundaries.

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