Brenda Lee Browne

Current Rock of Residence:


Island Girl Since:

1986 – 1995 returned 2003

Originally Hails From:

London UK

Born and raised in London. Lover of cricket, handbags, and chocolate. Trained as journalist, parents from Antigua, and migrated to England in 1957. Fell in love with Antigua whilst visiting her grandmother, took four years to move back to Antigua – that six week visit in 1986 turned into a ten year stint – rediscovering her writing wings – working in media, PR and cricket. Brenda returned to the UK and then back to Antigua in 2013 and it is home now. It is working in cricket that allowed her to travel from island to island and then onto India – from West to East. If someone starts a blog about India, she will join that too.

Mother of one, yet, through her life journey she has had the privilege of collecting more children, some older than her biological son and all enrich her world. Two main highlights – teaching creative writing to students, inmates at HMP, hosting a Writers’ Retreat, and publishing her first novella London Rocks. She’s still young enough to have dreams .Island life is all about the portfolio life… creating and living the portfolio life.

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Turning 50 was a huge moment for me. I celebrated for a full year, trying out many new things along the way. I gained a simple understanding of golf terms; I bought and wore my first pair of shorts (I am queen of the maxi skirt, tunics, and pant/jeggings); and I even...

Cricket in the Caribbean

My earliest memories of cricket involve black and white images on the TV with my dad sitting in an armchair, a voice droning on, and the room being incredibly warm. At the time, I think I maybe associated the warmth and the droning voices with boredom. I paid no...

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