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January 2015

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Ontario, Canada

Beth is a newbie rock girl. She moved to her island in January and is now living the life of a Nevis wife, blogging about her island adventures. When she isn’t cooking or doing dishes, she can be found attacking the hills on her island with running and trying to live a new stress-free life. She hails from the far north and has been glad to escape family drama, snowy winters, and get her tan on – though she is quickly learning her dream of living on an island isn’t all about that tan. She used to spend her summers at a cottage so she figures island living will be a walk in the park… except for more bugs, rolling blackouts, and having monkeys in your backyard.

Keeping up with her master’s degree online and volunteering with children with special needs on the island, she is starting to settle into her new life.She spends her days making nice with the locals, learning the ins and outs of the island, and driving around her rock multiple times a day.

She is here while her husband is attending medical school, and she is quickly learning what it means to be the wife of a med student… on a rock. You can read more about her adventures on her personal blog, Nevis Life as a Wife.

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