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The Great British Isles

Baldrick was lured from a life at sea to a life on land with the promise that a real life would be found amongst thirty acres of rock. Forgetting all dreams of world cruising in far flung, frozen places, she found this small rock with a population of three and a considerably warmer climate to actually be quite delightful. Aside from conquering fears of the dark, spiders, and snakes, island life has allowed for a small, personal exploration into the world of water sports. The shark that lurks by the swim dock isn’t so bad after all; paddleboarding is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a walk; and Hobie sailing has become an interesting form of transportation. In her work, she mostly deals with hospitality but has been known to pick up a manual and try her hand at engineering, developing a special fondness for generators and toilet plumbing systems. She loves gin, temporarily escaping to the real world, and the little lizard who works bloody hard to remove all mosquitoes from her room.

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Sucking Air & Other Amusing Island Expressions

It's 8:04 and the entire staff has congregated under the garage, sheltering from the much needed downpour. Before there was any real management on the island, when things were a little slack, we'd have all gone home, for no one wants to work in the rain. There are...

Learner Driver – The Finale

Months have passed since my last post on the driving saga and so you could be forgiven for thinking I had hushed up a third failure, but... Ta-dah! I am delighted to present my driver's licence. It even works, and has so far been used three times. As expected, my...

Learner Driver – Part 2

This post is a continuation of Baldrick's saga to obtain her island driver's license. If you missed it, be sure to check out Learner Driver: Part 1.  It's Saturday morning and I am at the greasy wheel of Mr. X's car, enduring my first, rather lengthy driving lesson. I...

Learner Driver – Part 1

When I worked for one of the world's wealthiest Russians, I often had the pleasure of being escorted by members of the security team when moving to and from the yacht and villa. They can be a strange bunch but, as highly trained killers go, can be surprisingly sweet...

The Blanket Is Off.

Despite my desire to remain in the cool of winter, summer is most definitely here and with it comes oppressive heat and incessant sweating. It saddens me to remove and launder the blanket knowing that I will have no use for anything but an occasional sheet for the...

The Shipping Forecast

Last Christmas all of the staff received smart phones, which was a great choice of gift. Not only is it a great work tool providing email access to all of our employees, but it also opens up a whole new world of entertainment and communication for them to explore...

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