Written By:

Current Rock of Residence:

St. Croix, USVI

Island Girl Since:

On and off since 1967

Originally Hails From:

Born in London, UK but left a month later

A transient life has seen Apple live in countries as diverse as Papau New Guinea and Thailand, or Equatorial Guinea and the USA, and another eight in between. A number of them have been rocks. Her memoir, Expat Life Slice by Slice, tells of the highs and lows of that nomadic life – one she wouldn’t trade for all the proverbial tea in one of the places she hasn’t lived, China. Believing the word “no” to be mostly limiting, she has found herself in various roles. From editor to intercultural trainer, from interior designer to Her Britannic Majesty’s Honorary Consul. Apple writes, sometimes humorously, about her travels, and is published in a number of magazines and e-zines, drawing on her experiences to offer down-to-earth observations and encouragement for those about to embark on the global trail, or who already live the life on her regular blog, A Broad View. With short stories published in various anthologies, her debut novel, Fireburn, set in the Danish West Indies of 1878, will be published on October 1st, 2017. www.applegidley.com

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Why Here? Why This Island?

"Here" is St Croix, the largest and, to my biased view, the best of the US Virgin Islands. We have for five years been restoring an old West Indian home up a steep hill in Christiansted. It has been a labour of love and which, as most love affairs, has had moments of...

Here a Cock, There a Cock

Cocks are all around - so ubiquitous are they that I no longer notice them strutting their stuff, flagrantly flaunting their combs, feathers gleaming red and orange. I have recently had a spate of visitors and it has been their remarks which have reignited my...

Rocks Around the World

I recently met a new inhabitant of the rock I call home. It was she, a fully-signed up member of a rock community, who alerted me to Women Who Live on Rocks. Unsure as to the legitimacy of my claim as a true woman on a rock (considering I live on my island on and off...

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