In case you haven’t noticed, mermaids are all the rage right now. From the mermaid blanket tails (yes, I own one) to seashell wedding tiaras, mermaids have officially made a comeback. But how do you know if you should for shore shed your legs for a tail fin?

Here are the 10 Signs That You’re Undeniably an Island Mermaid:

1. You Belong in the Ocean

Call me crazy, but I have always felt a spiritual connection with water. When I swim in the ocean and walk on the beach, I feel like it wipes my soul clean. If you find me in a funk, it usually means I haven’t spent enough time in the sea. If this sounds like you, you could be a mermaid.

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2. You Control the Weather

It’s not that you couldn’t ride out any storm, but you know that life has no remote and choose to get up and change it yourself. Whether it’s a rain dance or, in my case, an old injury that causes your knee to swell when it rains, you’ve got that weather on lock down. Or, you can at least tell when it’s already raining…

3. You Fear No Depths, Only Shallow Living

If you live fearlessly and with the intention of making a difference in the world, you are definitely mermaid material.

4. You Drink Like a Fish

Only makes sense, right?

5. You Make Waves

When you walk into a room, or rather, swim in, people notice without you trying to attract attention. You just exude sexiness because you’re mer-mazing. Beautiful things don’t ask for attention, but they get it anyway.

6. You Just Can’t Help but Lure Fishermen to Their Deaths

They just see you swimming near their boat and ask you to hop aboard, which is tricky when you don’t have legs, so you invite them for a swim…

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7. You Have a Proclivity for Brightly Colored Makeup

That Wet ‘N Wild brand knows what they’re doing. Now, if only it was available in Grenada…

8. You’re a Bit Salty

We mermaids can’t be sweet all the time. But what’s sugar without a little spice? Mermaids have to unleash their sassiness every now and then.

9. Your Name Just So Happens to be Calypso

Coincidence? I think not. Considering a name change myself.

10. You are a Badass Who Owns Your Power

Whatever it is that makes you unique makes you a powerful sea goddess. Once you learn to hone your individuality, you are undeniably a mermaid, and there’s nothing stopping you.

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So what’s the verdict, island gal? Are you officially an Island Mermaid?

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See you in the sea – shine on, you sparkly sirens.

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Although she’s a self-proclaimed “sassy Hoosier”, Colleen is happy to call Grenada her home rock. She relocated there in August of 2015 to pursue veterinary school and has grown to love the quirks of island life. Navigating vet school in a new country has presented challenges, but it is from those challenges that she derives her strength. In her free time, she enjoys exploring her new home and its local culture, lazing around the beach, reading, and befriending stray animals.

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