I Cheated on My Home Rock and I Loved It

There’s nothing like living on a tiny rock in the sea to make you wonder what else is out there on the other side of the great wide ocean. I love my home rock, but the siren call of rocks unknown has managed to lure me away from time to time.

So much to do on Guam, yet I find myself in need of adventure.

I recently took the plunge and decided that Guam and I needed a break, so off to Hawaii I went. It was strangely familiar, yet totally different. While it was humid, beach-y, and filled with tourists just like home, I found it was also covered in beautiful hills and had so many attractions to check out. I couldn’t believe what a difference it was even between the Hawaiian Islands; from Oahu to Maui, there is such a varying attitude amongst the locals and each rock attracts a very different tourist. I loved it all. I would even go so far as to say that I can see myself spending forever in Oahu.

After our Hawaiian getaway, we decided to get out of the Pacific entirely and jetted off to the Bahamas. Again, I couldn’t help but laugh at the similarities. There are certain things that you just cannot escape, no matter the rock. For instance, now more than ever I believe the official bird of island living should 100% be the chicken. Where there are rocks, there will always be roaming fowl. And from Guam to Palau to Hawaii to the Bahamas, you can bet you’ll find yourself in near 100% humidity. My personal favorite of the indiscriminate island quirks that we could not manage to shake were the crazy taxi drivers. Islands may be thousands of miles apart, yet they all manage to have taxi rides that make your life flash before your eyes.

Mountains of Oahu

So why should you cheat on your home rock if they all seem to have many of the same traits? Because it is the differences that make you realize you can have more than one island love. After not leaving Guam for nearly three years, I had found myself in a rut of going to the same places. I stopped appreciating everything my rock had to offer because it was always there. Going to Oahu and Nassau, I found my sense of adventure again. As much as I love the Chamorro barbecue, it was refreshing to try other island cuisines. One would think that Hawaii would have the same culinary staples since they are just a hop over from Guam, but that could not be more wrong. The Kalua pork, fresh pineapple, and local coffee beans were enough to make me want to put a ring on Oahu and make it my forever rock. The fried conch and jerk chicken in Freeport Harbor in the Bahamas made me rethink every decision that led me to Guam. Do not even get me started on the local brews that all of the islands had to offer. Islands sure know how to rock the microbrews.

Cruising through the Bahamas and loving every second

Of course, at the end of each little affair, I found myself longing to go home. I was ready to enjoy all the little things that I had grown tired of before. I love each island I’ve had the pleasure to date for all that makes them unique and I look forward to my next time cheating on Guam, wherever that may be. Okinawa keeps whispering in my ear, and it may be time for me to finally give in to temptation. Not because I don’t love Guam, but because I need to be reminded of what makes Guam special to begin with.

–   –   –

To all you rock hoppers out there – which islands do you love to “cheat” on your home rock with?

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Kellie Morgan

About Kellie Morgan

As a military brat, Kellie has moved from place to place, including the tiny islands of the Azores. After moving away to Kansas for college, Kellie finally thought she had escaped the risk of island life again. She was in for a big surprise when her husband enlisted in the Air Force and was sent to - you guessed it - an island. Kellie moved to Guam in 2014 with just her husband and crazy cat. They now have, in Guam tradition, two boonie dogs and three chickens. About a month after moving to Guam, Kellie found out she was pregnant. She had her wonderful son thousands of miles away from family, but her son follows in her family tradition of having an overseas birth certificate.

Originally from the south, moving to an island against her will was a very tall mountain to conquer. With no country music and Chik-Fil-A, Kellie thought she was surely going to lose her mind. Luckily, she met some amazing friends who helped her cope with the culture shock and adjust to life on a rock.

Kellie is currently finishing her associate degree in journalism with hopes of one day finishing her bachelors degree in entrepreneurship. Before she moved to Guam, she was pursuing her business degree but put it on hold once she had her son. With jobs being difficult to come by, she turned her passion of writing into a way to earn extra income. It turned out that she has a knack for writing, so she now works as a freelance writer for a variety of companies. Once she finishes her journalism degree, she hopes to write for a newspaper. Her ultimate goal in life is to open a petting zoo/rabbit sanctuary.

Although their time here is only temporary, it is an experience she and her family will never forget.

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3 thoughts on “I Cheated on My Home Rock and I Loved It

  1. Hi Kellie! Glad you enjoyed the Bahamas! My husband is from Freeport and we live in Nassau. I think I could “cheat” with Hawaii as well. We went on a trip to Maui last year and loved it, although it felt very crowded. I’ve been to Kauai so I think we’d definitely gel better with the slower pace, less people and more nature. With Hawaii we really get excited about the surf (not much in the way of surfing in the Bahamas), regular wind for kitingboarding (intermittent here) and all the amazing organic produce and ethnic food. But no matter where I travel to, I always appreciate coming home 🙂

  2. Even though I have lived in the USVI for decades it is always a treat to visit islands throughout the Caribbean on my sailing trips.
    St Barths, Les Saintes, The Grenadines, Dominica and even the close by BVI all offer such different experiences, food and culture.
    My life here would be considerably less interesting without travel!!

  3. Love this! Hawaii is very high on my bucket list, so I’m a little bit jealous (ok… a lot…). I think ‘cheating’ on your home rock is definitely a good thing, makes you appreciate the differences and similarities that much more 🙂

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