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Are YOU a fellow lady writer who lives on a tropical island?

We’d love to have you join us!

Women Who Live on Rocks is a collaboration of women writers of all ages and backgrounds blogging all about the eccentricities and general absurdities of island living. The idea is to give people a peek into what it’s really like, in a humorous voice, to make your home on a tropical island. Life in the islands can be frustrating at best sometimes and our goal is to celebrate the quirks and turn that frustration into comedy.

This site is NOT about tips for tourists, pretty sunset pics, travel info, or travel reviews (there is a sea of those already, this is a different spin).

If you’re interested in participating and feel that your writing style fits in with the tone of our site, we’d love to have you join us. You can read more details in our post on the subject, We Want Your Island Stories!

Or, simply submit a short paragraph telling us a little bit about yourself, the rock you call home, and what you’d like to write about to chrissann@womenwholiveonrocks.com .

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51 thoughts on “Write with Us

  1. Hi – I mentioned on a FB post (I think!) a couple of weeks ago that I have a regular (“occasional”) series on my blog called People Who Live in Small Places and am always looking for contributors. So far I have featured Mayotte, Gibraltar, the Seychelles (one of your own contributors, I believe!), a small French village, a small country in Europe (the Netherlands) and the small Scottish island of Unst. I always get a fantastic response to these posts, the Gibraltar one was viewed thousands of times and shared more than 300 times on FB, the French and the Unst one also did really, really well. I wondered whether any of your Women would like to feature? I can send out questions and guidance (and ask for photos to accompany). I am happy to post something on your FB page or for you to put something out? You can read the latest small places post here (which has links to the earlier ones): http://expatpartnersurvival.com/2015/05/25/893/ (and have just noticed that one got share more than 1,000 times on FB!). I look forward to hearing from you! Clara

  2. As I live on a rock in the Caribbean as an euro indonesian women is really great, I always said to my mother. Every man here likes straight hair and a brown skin. It really doesnt matter if you are 88 years old, flat ass and one meter of size. Really, if you fit the description, come. All the men here can handle a minumum of three women. And if you are lucky, they still live with their parents.

  3. Hi! My name is Heather and I write under the pen name August Haly. I am from one of the sunniest isle, definitely the most Southernest in the Caribbean – Trinidad! We are a land of calypso and carnival; A land of great food and aspiring, beautiful women! I’d love to be a contributing writer. Check out my page on fb! And thank you for the open invie!

  4. Hi Ladies! I have recently discovered your site and love reading your posts. I’d love to join you and to contribute too. I live on a small rock in the eastern Caribbean Sea called Utila, it’s the smaller of the Bay Islands, just off Honduras. I’m a writer. I write romantic adventure fictions novels and also regular travel features. I spend part of the year travelling to lots of other little rocks all over the world with my husband, who is a dive instructor. I have a sense of humour as well as a sense of adventure!

  5. This is crazy but I stumbled upon your website looking to replace a dress I bought on Grenada. I live on the Gulf Coast of Alabama and my favorite island up here is Dauphin Island.(There are many stories from there) We are planning to retire on Grenada. Last visit I bought a gauze dress at the Esplanade Shopping Center and it was my go to for 3 weeks. Everything else I packed was useless. After being home a bit and after a few washings it fell apart. No worries just get on line and find another. Not quite that easy but did find a wholesaler in Michigan (of all places) who had my beloved dress. The catch, you have to buy 12, a bit excessive but only 6.00 each. So, Ok order, will have extra for years. Shipment arrived with huge box, thought this is mistake but, on invoice in BIG red letters “Thank you , order qualifies for end of season BOGO” 24 dresses later I’m ready to be an islander for ever!! Can’t wait to join ya”ll.

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