The conversation is typical in nature, catching up with family and friends who live in the great big world I used to reside in. Yet when the question arises – “How was your week?” – my life-on-a-rock answer is decidedly not so typical:

  • I broke my foot rescuing patio furniture from my balcony at 4am. 
  • I rear-ended my friend coming into town because the speed bumps in this place are ridiculous.
  • I went swimming at 3am at such and such beach and then ended up in such and such pool and before I knew it, the sun was rising.
  • I fell between a boat and a dock on my way to the movies.
  • I dumped my coffee all over myself on my way to work as I fell up the stairs.

All evidence would suggest that it might just be time to start wearing padding on this rock…

But while it would seem that the island lifestyle has really just turned me into a clumsy fool, I still have to wonder: Is this my new “normal”?

Of course there are other things that make me question the normalcy of living on a rock. You tell me, is it also “normal” to:

  • Have to go asking for your cable bill because apparently they “don’t send bills” – a fact that would have been great to know before they disconnected my cable?
  • Anticipate having 6 lizards and 4 tarantulas spring at you when you pull apart the patio chairs that you stacked last month to avoid another 4am rescue?
  • Wake up with no water in your house and pray you have enough tucked away somewhere to at least wash your face before you have to go to work (thank goodness appearance standards dropped months ago)?
  • Cringe at the very sight of a cruise ship in port, nevermind TWO cruise ships in port, because you know that every task you try to accomplish today will take twice as long?
  •  Accept that you have lost the battle with mold on your shoes, handbags, and pretty much anything porous, for that matter?
  •  Profusely roll your eyes at the tourist who has been here 2 days and is trying to tell everyone who is in earshot how things work on your island?

Either way, I suppose if this is the new normal I shouldn’t complain too much. After all, I could be gearing up to go outside right now with my snowsuit and shovel…

Written By:

Current Rock of Residence:

Tortola, BVI

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Originally Hails From:

Western Canada

Melissa lives on Tortola in the BVI where she finds there is never a shortage of oddities and quirks that often make her question her thought process, or lack thereof, which got her here in the first place. While adapting to the ways of the island, she finds herself smiling and nodding regularly while having no idea what someone has just told her, drinking far more fermented beverages that one probably should, and in constant struggle to avoid the island’s one rogue white horse. Her life on a rock may not be what she had first imagined, but it comes with no shortage of amusement, delight, and the occasional good lesson.

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