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      Hello island ladies!

      Coming to you in search of some advice and direction in the hopes of becoming a woman who lives on a rock too!

      I have been doing a lot of reading and researching, but nothing is better than getting it straight from those who are living it.

      The goal is to move to an island in about a year (aiming for June ’21, but flexible)… the rock I am looking for is a great place to raise kids (I have an 11 month old, and we are planning on having one more-possibly at this future location), is safe, reasonably welcoming to expats (and a mixed family! (black/white))/ friendly community, access to decent medical care… We are also looking for a place that has the opportunity to learn boating/sailing- so a community where this is established/easily accessible would be great. There are other things on the wish list, but these are the big ones.. I am a social worker (working primarily in schools) and my husband is in sales/finance… we are trying to get our own business situated so we can work remotely once we move, however, it would be great to know what the job outlook is in these specific areas…

      We live on the East Coast (NJ/PA), so are looking to be within 6 hours flight of that, but are open and flexible with this as well. Due to Covid, we are a bit limited in being able to visit this potential location, but are aiming to visit at least once before the move (which I know is not enough, but the goal is to rent for 1 year no matter where we go to test it out)

      Any input or advice/direction on your journey with moving to an island, location, overall experience would be very much appreciated. Just trying to figure it all out. Thanks so much!

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