Need Advice: Air fryer? Toaster oven? Microwave?

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    Hi All! Being rock women, I’m sure you all understand that island life has no room for “uni-taskers”, especially in the kitchen. Everything has to serve multiple purposes or it doesn’t make the cut!! I have a very small 3rd bedroom living space we initially designed for guests, but have mostly been using ourselves while our guests stay in the main living area.

    Anyway, I wanted to keep this little living area very simple. (I grudgingly acquiesced to a television.) It does not have a stove- just an induction burner and the outdoor grill. My mate has been bugging me for a microwave, which I have refused. Even the smallest microwave takes up WAY too much space. But now, friends who have stayed in the space tell me it absolutely requires a microwave. Sigh.

    In my opinion, this wet-bar area has no room for a such a large single-tasking element like a microwave. I am trying to appease my mate and my guests, but I just can’t bring myself to allocate that much counter space unless this thing does WAY more than heating up leftovers.

    I have heard a lot about air fryers lately, and wondered if this could be a good multi-tasker for this little room. If anyone out there has an air fryer, Can it do more than just fry?

    Or- can any of you suggest something *else* that could heat leftovers and maybe do a couple other useful tricks? Make toast? Bake cornbread? Boil a cup of water? Maybe give me a massage and tell me I’m pretty? (Haha)

    Most other forums would LAUGH at a person that doesn’t have room for a microwave, but I feel like if anyone will “get it”, it will be you all!!!

    Also, feel free to tell me if I’m just being a weenie, and need to buy a stupid microwave.

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