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        Yes the worlds biggest furniture store, and amusingly the worlds largest nnual print run of anything [the catalogue.]

        Given the enormity of them, it was only a matter of time till they took the tropics seriously.  I live in Grenada, 12 degrees N in somewhat humid subtropics.  For some years i heard about the horror of chip/particle board and its dissolving to mush here, or becoming ant food in weeks.  Then something strange happened.

        In london of all places i read that they were catering for their customers in places like malaysia – moisture/pest proof stuff?  And its sold in london for shipping anywhere…  So it turns out they do a good line in acacia based furniture, and some kitchen cabinets are pretty moisture proof.  I now have this stuff here, it works!  I actually have a friend with a 5 year old ikea kitchen, you have to select laminates correctly, and use the stuff/countertop that is plastic impregnated  ut it seems to work.  Anyone else find this?  Certainly the metals used in hinges etc seem completely rust free too.

        For those in fear, try a single cabinet, but im getting positive vibes and prices!

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