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      JoAnne a.k.a “Jazzy JoJo” Matthews-Saunders

        Now that I suffer with severe Arthritis and Bursitis, I have mobility and balance issues. I now walk with a cane. I am finding it quite difficult to traverse to several places on St.Thomas that ten years ago never crossed my mind. Simple thing as walking up and down steps, stepping up on curbs that have no  ramp, walking across mounds of sand at our beautiful beaches, stepping up and off of safaris, taxi vans , even the bus. I used to be very active, seen attending all sorts of social and cultural functions and even participating in such many times in the past decades. But now, just trying to enter most of the churches, and other facilities is very problematic. I was just wondering if there are other women living on St.Thomas, that have  suddenly found themselves in this same predicament.

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