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      Hi Islanders!

      I’m a land lubber with loved ones on an tropical island looking for inspiration for my god daughters Christmas gift. If she were back in soggy Blighty I would know exactly the useful fun thing every toddler and her parents would be thrilled to have but the Islands seem… different. There must be things mainlanders take for granted that islanders will never see in the shops, things that will by useless in humidity or fantastic for kids to play with in the heat that no child in London will ever need. I was hoping you could offer some inspiration with your inside knowledge. She’s about 18 months old if that helps.

      C xx

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      Chrissann Nickel

      Definitely plastic beach toys and cookie cutters make for fun beach days, as do small beach tents for shaded playtime. Beach babies can also always use appropriately-sized hats and fun colored sunscreens (reef safe, please!). Swimmies (floats) are nice. Books can also be hard to get, so new reading material is always welcome. 🙂

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