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Nikie Nuby

Current Rock of Residence:


Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

473 Grenada

Nikie is a young mother of an energetic 4 year old boy. She grew up on a small island just off the shores of Grenada. Long summer days were spent sucking on snow cones, drinking coconut water, and lazing on the beach – a short 2 minute walk from her house. The loud excitement of kids on this little rock was music to one’s ears. Seashells, shiny sand, lucid waters, and tropical breeze are all just understatements as to what this strong rock offers. After spending 10 years on this rock, she migrated to Grenada… the rock of rocks. More beaches, sunsets, sunrises, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes.

However, she lost sight of it all and got caught up in work, school, and the fast life. Life seemed empty and meaningless some days. As time progressed, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and was forced to slow down from the late working hours. Slowly, it came back – the inner peace, the tranquility of nature, the joy in the sunset and sunrise, the love for everything Caribbean. It wasn’t long before she was back at it: long days at the beach with her little one, frequent trips to the waterfalls and lakes, and it was a breath of fresh air. Then she realized that it is only in the quietness of nature that one can truly reconnect with their inner self and become a better version of themselves.

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