Written By:

Nicki Lavender

Current Rock of Residence:

Mauritius baby!

Island Girl Since:

Two stints as an island girl: Tortola, BVI (2006 to 2008); Mauritius since 2016.

Originally Hails From:

East London, South Africa (girl years); Cape Town, South Africa (woman years)

Nicki’s first taste of being an island girl was on the beautiful island of Tortola in the BVI. It was an amazing adventure and those 2 years seemed to fly by. Yes, there were struggles. She’ll have to write about those, but she mostly drank through them. Rum and champagne! So much so that when she moved to Belgium for a couple of years, she forgot what else there was to drink. She sat at a tiny bar in Belgium ordering champagne and mojitos, even after they said they only had beer. It did not compute.

A few years later, married and with a small toddler in tow, they got the opportunity to move to Mauritius. “Yeah!” she said. “Bring on the champagne and mojitos and long days on the boat sailing around the islands!”

Oops! Ummm… that won’t be happening. She forgot that her little ankle biter doesn’t mix well with booze or water. And unfortunately, unlike Tortola where the rum was cheaper than the soda you drank with it, let’s just say the rupee doesn’t stay long in your purse here in Mauritius.

Oh – and then she fell pregnant again!

So now Nicki’s a SAHIM (Stay At Home Island Mom) wondering when it’s too early to open the bottle of wine in the fridge. And does drinking with your kids at home mean you aren’t drinking alone?

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