Written By:

Monica Charlton

Current Rock of Residence:

Nassau, Bahamas

Island Girl Since:

February 2019

Originally Hails From:

London, Ontario, Canada

Born and raised in little London (aka the one on the other side of the pond!), only a couple hours from Toronto in Canada, life for Monica was always good. But after one too many devastatingly cold winters and continually gripping onto each summer for dear life, she began contemplating her existence in a country that could not supply her with year round sunshine and vitamin sea. It wasn’t until she met her handsome next door neighbour and eventual Bahamian hubby that she ever truly realized she needed to live the island life.

After countless trips to The Bahamas visiting his family and attending weddings (one of which was their very own), and too many grey-sunless-January/Februarys in Canada, she convinced herself – and her husband – that they needed to focus on chasing their own sunshine.

About two months of moving chaos and 16 or so packed suitcases later, they finally made it! Now a new Bahamian resident, Monica is discovering more and more about life on a rock that is really only conceivable once you’re actually here. Monica says that learning to adapt to the slow-pace and easy breezy island life mentality is a process, but once you discover that it’s okay to slow things down, you can allow yourself to become fully present and soak it all in.

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