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Jahmekyah aka Jamaica

Marvette Camille Facey-Dobbs is a published author who writes as Marvette Camille and refers to herself as The Original MC. She lives on “dah rock” as it’s called in sunny, warm, culturally rich Jamaica aka Jamrock, Jahmekyah, and yaad.

MC writes to live and lives to write, as it expresses what her soul thinks and what her heart wants to say. She loves to travel – it’s one of her greatest passions next to writing, but there’s nothing like coming home to dah rock, as it has her heart wrapped up and tangled up in its infinite bliss. It’s truly paradise.

She LOLs (lives out loud) always, being cognizant of the fact that life is transient and we only have a limited time in the physical realm. She entrusts her destiny to self, the creator and the universe, being confident that her journey here will include her living out her purpose and touching others positively.

As is said in JA, a one luv enuh iyah.

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