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Marty Burnswolfe

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Marty is an American expat proudly living in Roatan.

Born in Virginia, she has lived in 6 states before retiring from the nomadic job of a TV news journalist. She gave up land-lubbing in Denver and moved to Roatan after a 30 year search for the right place to land.

Having traveled the outer Caribbean from Bimini to Trinidad & Tobago, she decided on Roatan when she saw its rocky hills (like Colorado), its blue/turquoise water (unlike her native Virginia), and found the perfect spot for her husband and herself – a parcel of land on the quieter East End (similar to NYC vs Montauk, Long Island). It’s only 2 hours to Houston, but it’s a trip made only when absolutely necessary. Their Roatan rock is home.

The sea is across the road, the ultraviolet light-treated pool is out the side door, and the dogs are usually asleep on the front deck (unless someone is walking down the road, then there is barking). All geckos are “gekkies,” all coconuts still look the same to her, but she’s learning, and a trip down island, only 13 or 22 kilometers, sometimes feels like navigating the Eastern seaboard of the US. The neighbors on island are the most helpful she’s ever lived among.

Her little slice of paradise is called, Viviendo el Sueno and those words describe their lives: “Living the Dream.”

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