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Kyrie has lived in the beautiful Fiji islands for most of her life. Since her time as a young girl, she has been all about swimming, beaches, sand, and daydreaming. Now she’s a wife and a mother of two (her second child is due any day now). For her, there’s always been no place like home, though she will admit to sometimes allowing the smallest of things to foster her love/hate relationship with her island home.

Growing up with two brothers sort of toughened her up over the years; plus, being the eldest and a girl was challenging as well for her from time to time, especially with the many dreams and aspirations she had. Her father was strict during periods of her life, and he had bigger hopes of her becoming a lawyer, dismissing her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Kyrie, being an obedient child (only then), gave it a shot but realized during her first year of law school that, Nah ah – this is not for me! So off she went into her rebellious stage (midlife crisis), something most of us have had at some point in our lives.

Thankfully, it didn’t take her long to get her act together and end her time of “living on the edge”. She soon found her husband-to-be… and wasn’t that another epic journey (a story for another day). Six years later, married and settled with a beautiful 4 year old character of a daughter, Kyra (a little person with endless surprises), and a second baby on the way, due in April but she’d been told maybe mid-March because he’s looking “big for his gestational age” (yet another journey that will definitely turn out to be another great talanoa – Fijian word for conversation).

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