Written By:

Karin Hermans

Current Rock of Residence:


Island Girl Since:

since birth, 1964

Originally Hails From:


Karin’s favorite rock in the world is Curaçao, a small island of the lesser Caribbean near the coast of Venezuela.

From the moment she was born, she fell in love with the island. She tried to reach the floor to give it a welcome kiss, but a physician got there just in time to catch her in her flight. She cried and felt misunderstood because everybody else seemed so happy about the fact that she did not get the chance to kiss the ground.

She was welcomed into a loving family and grew up to be an ambitious young lady. As most of the island youngsters do, she left the island when she was 19 to study medicine in Holland. She did not like Holland and returned on many vacations to refill the heat in her body. As soon as she finished her studies, she flew back to this small spot on the world map. Her ambitions to become a psychiatrist forced her once again to leave the island but this time, she hauled her husband and three kids to Holland and back with her.

She loves her job as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. She has even had the opportunity to work on other islands as well such as Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, St. Maarten, and St. Eustatius as a flying psychiatrist. Next to her job, she fills up her time with family and friends. She loves to explore the nature of her island together with her husband and other nature and photography lovers. Check out the Facebook page, Mondi Addiction, to get a feel for what they do in their free time. She also loves being creative. People ask her all the time where she finds time to do all those things. But when a person loves to do something, she cannot find time, she makes time.

For now, she is planning to stay on the rock called Curaçao, but you never know. She can always change her mind and try something else for awhile.

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