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Erika, also known as Poetess Erika, was born in Kingston, Jamaica but has profound experiences in the United States and Canada that have helped to mold her into the lady she is today. She started writing poems, essays, and short stories early in high school and has fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author in December 2007. She is very passionate about writing and uses it to motivate others and glorify God. She is the author of: A Poetic Revelation, The Power of Words, and A Poetic Journey. She is currently working on other books, and she also contributes poetry to a local newspaper, The Sunday Gleaner, from time to time.

She has been an accountant/administrative manager for more than 10 years, but her passion is definitely writing – writing in every area that you can think of. Whether it’s poetry, slogans, short stories, children’s stories, fiction, or non-fiction, essays, business plans, profiles, reviews, policies, or procedures manuals – she writes it. If you ask Erika who she is, she will tell you she is a writer/poet. She writes when she is glad, she writes when she is sad, she writes whether it’s day or night. It’s something she will do for pay or no pay.

As a little girl, her elder sister Carol would tease her and call her a bookworm because she was always reading and writing something in her diary. Everyone was always curious to find out what this little girl was writing, but her diary had a lock and key. Her high school friends used to call her a nerd too. But those things didn’t discourage Erika from doing what she loved to do and what made her happy. She would be in a different world when she was writing and would glow like a bulb. She would have a big and bright smile on her face whenever she was writing. Erika loves the beach and she would visit the seaside very often to write. She also loves writing in nature, whether it’s in her backyard where she does a little farming or at the Hope Botanical Gardens in Kingston. But “when push comes to shove”, she will write anywhere – in the house, at church, on the road, at the office, in a noisy/busy place, in the car, or on a plane. She writes in standard English and Patois as well.

Essentially, Erika is a Jamaican writer/poet, business woman, friend, wife, and mother to boy and girl twins. She loves speech and drama, speaking Spanish, reading, quiet time/meditating, singing, photography, dancing, modeling, cooking, socializing, traveling, planning, and organizing events. She believes in positive thinking and in being happy in her pursuit of happiness.

You can find her books on Amazon.

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