Celeste Sauls Marks

Current Rock of Residence:

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

Louisiana and Dallas, Texas

Finding a rock to call home can sometimes be a lark but sometimes it is a sheer act of defiance. Celeste discovered her little rock three years ago when she and her husband came to Belize for a short vacation. They went back to their work a day life but always felt restless. When push came to shove with their building management, they realized that they could work anywhere so they packed the dogs and ran away from home.

As confirmed urban dwellers, Celeste and her brood have found themselves living at a busy intersection of a small rock. She writes and dreams from her small perch while watching wildlife, both human and animal, pass the day in the sun and water. Afternoons spent embroidering while listening to music and sipping a cocktail make up for the daily frustrations, and sometimes downright absurdity, that constitutes island life.

Friends said, “I’ve always dreamt of doing that but, honestly, who actually does it?” Last year, during a return to the states for a few months in the Coachella Valley desert, it became clear to them that home was a small rock in the Caribbean.

Her adventures have taken her around the globe but it is the friendships that she has formed along the way that have meant the most. Now she surrounds herself with the warm, funny, and quirky island residents. Whether it is staring at the sea or watching iguanas negotiate the trees, island life is distinctly different. It is not for everyone and takes time to adapt to but if you are able to look beyond the difficulties of everyday life, maybe you can find your own rock to call home.

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