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Amanda Froehlich

Current Rock of Residence:


Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

Montgomery, Illinois

Amanda originally hails from a small town called Montgomery, which is 45 minutes West of Chicago. She went to university and studied marketing, all while working for the largest waterpark in Illinois (a great topic of conversation!).

Growing up, she never imagined leaving her small town and living anywhere else… until she received some big news from her at-the-time boyfriend in the summer of 2017: they had been asked to move to Bermuda! So exciting! Because she was still at university, her boyfriend moved there early to check things out and see if it was something they would enjoy. While it was obvious that it would be an amazing opportunity, she had never really traveled much or even considered moving away from her family.

She went to visit her boyfriend during her spring break the following year and fell in love with the island. Who knew that four days on the island would persuade her to drop everything and do this!? Two months later, she graduated college, packed up her stuff, and FINALLY moved to Bermuda, all within the same week. Fast forward 1.5 years later, she is now married to that boyfriend and living her best life on this small, but beautiful island.

In her spare time, Amanda creates and uploads videos of her adventures in Bermuda to her Youtube Channel and her Instagram, is on the board for a women’s club, spends time with her friends, all while helping her elderly dog enjoy his retirement.

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