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22 thoughts on “* Start Here *

  1. I reaaly need someone from this website to contact me asap. Someone some of you all have been communicating with is preying on women and he told me about your site. Please he has already conned many other women. I will explain. Pls pls contact me. I dont wamt anymore women beside the 3 I know of plus me to get hurt from him. Thank you.

  2. I found rules for visiting guest on this website at one time. It let them know about high cost of hydro, water etc…can you advise me where to find…

  3. Received from a friend here on Anguilla and would love to be receiving email and interesting comments, articles thanks.

  4. First a Bostonian, then a Floridian for way too long, and, now, living on a beautifully, long, remote rock. I’ve happily been on Long Island in the Central Bahamans for the past ten years. Yes, of course, I have stories….all good because, lets face it, anyone who does not have a positive attitude, a good sense of humor, a bit of faith, and a bit of fatalism would never “make it.” I’d enjoy sharing them with all of you.

  5. Chrissann- I cannot believe I am just discovering this blog! I live on St John and have not been able to put the phone down all day since I started reading this morning! I’ve been on island for about nine months and got referred to the site by a few mutual friends we have! Would love to chat! This is a great thing you have going!!

  6. I woke up this morning, made my ritual cup of locally grown coffee, and climbed in my hammock to put down in my journal my thoughts and desires for the day. Today, the thought that persistently intruded my pages was, what do you want now?

    I tried making a list, but soon realized the things I want can’t be checked off and completed. I lay swaying in my hammock, eyes closed, listening to the wind in the palm trees, and it came to me. I want to write. Not like I was doing in my journal, but in the sense of sharing stories and anecdotes.

    My iPad bleeped and I reached for it to find my Facebook page open to an article from some girl living on a rock. I read the article, relating and laughing and then chased the links to this.

    Thank you. I’ve now spent my Sunday morning giggling and nodding to myself as I relate to these amazing women and their stories.

  7. Ran upon your website quite by accident, I’m so proud of you girls. I was a rock woman back in the mid eighties thru early nineties. Lived on Maui before it became a tourist destination. Been on the mainland for twenty years but ready to retire and spent some time in Grenada this summer. What a wonderful place and amazing people. Looking forward to finding my new rock.

  8. This blog is so apt for today’s rock single girls. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Do you meet up or is it just blogging and sharing. To me it’s a great way to me new friends other than face book.

    • Hi Paulette, Glad you found us! We have an active community on Facebook and hope to plan some island meet-ups in the future. Many women have connected through this site and have met up and forged new friendships too. Welcome! 🙂

  9. Hello!
    Saw your blog after reading one of my favorite – San Pedro Scoop. We have been going to Ambergris Caye every year for about 7 years and want to try something different. We have always stayed at Xanadu in a 2 bedroom suite with kitchen and wrap around porch right on the water. My friend doesn’t like to do anything but lie on a beach recliner and look at the water, so not being right on the beach is not going to be good for him. I have been looking at places in Roatan, but can’t seem to find something like this. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much!

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