Tacky Tuesday – Island Fashion *IN PHOTOS*

Written by: Shannon W


What started off as something goofy to keep me busy on my days off has suddenly taken on a life of its own. You see, I quit drinking almost a year ago, and living on an island where the main downtime activity is drinking left me with decidedly few entertainment options. Most people’s days off here consist of hurriedly doing all of their chores in the morning, giving them the rest of the day to drink their faces off, continuing well into the evening (if they even make it that far). With that plan off the table for me, I was forced to get creative so as not to bore my brains out.

As those of us who live on rocks know all too well, fashion is not this region’s strong suit. Not only is it often way too hot out to care, everything that does come our way is imported. The containers of clothes that arrive appear to have been delayed in shipping, stuck in a time warp that left the mainland about 10 years ago. We get clothes that are seconds, at best: they’re sewn weird, there’s always a piece that’s just a little “off” and/or completely incorrect, and they are so out of date, I can’t even remember a time when they were even in style. Think polyester bodysuits, cheap spandex in unflattering patterns, and strategically placed cut-outs to showcase your private parts.

To amuse myself, I started visiting some of my island’s few clothing stores, picking out the wackiest pieces, and posting pictures on Instagram (I’m @travelingwildwoman) and using the hashtag #tackytuesday, because Tuesdays are usually my days off. The pictures just keep getting better and better – I’m nowhere near running out of material.

Welcome to my way of having some sober fun on this rock…

Shoulder pads are baaaaaack...

Shoulder pads are baaaaaack…

Smokin' Hot Ass Shorts

Smokin’ Hot Ass Shorts

House fly house dress. *Bonus - it's polyester!

House fly house dress. *Bonus – it’s polyester!

Patterned spandex one piece with crop pants? Yes, please.

Patterned spandex one piece with crop pants? Yes, please.

Austin Powers formal wear

Austin Powers formal wear

You're wild! Be a kitten!

You’re wild! Be a kitten!

I've always wanted a dress with boob holes. #score

I’ve always wanted a dress with boob holes. #score

Huggin' those curves

Huggin’ those curves

Un-zip me, baby.

Un-zip me, baby.

For the love of leopard print

For the love of leopard print

My nipples got eyeballs #winning

My nipples got eyeballs #winning

Tacky Tuesday's crowning jewel #nailedit

Tacky Tuesday’s crowning jewel #nailedit

What to wear next week? Choices, choices. I have had my eye on this little mesh number, so stay tuned…

Tacky Tuesday 14

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Shannon Whaley

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A few vodka 7’s with a friend turned Shannon’s 2 week vacation to Grand Cayman into a plan to move to an island that, not only had she never been to, she also had no idea where it actually was. She was in the midst of a quarter life crisis and figured moving 2,988 miles away from friends and family to a 12-mile long island in the middle of the Caribbean would help somehow. A Virgo who loves yoga, Shannon relishes in taking naps in her spare time and isn’t above screaming obscenities at the roosters who interrupt said naps. Don’t they understand how exhausting island life can be? You can connect with Shannon on her website, www.travelingwildwoman.com

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19 thoughts on “Tacky Tuesday – Island Fashion *IN PHOTOS*

    • Haha. I have NO idea. Although, I don’t go to the local bars so maybe they’re on some of the local babes? How awesome would it be if I went into a bar and girls were wearing all of these outfits???

  1. Shannon, that’s funny. Yes, there are some seriously tacky clothes here. And frighteningly, I see most of them ON people!

    Can’t wait to read your column about playing softball at some point….

  2. Okay, the “eyeballs on the nipples” and the housefly dress are indeed hilarious and brutal…but as ghetto tacky as the rest might be, you absolutely rock in those outfits! I guess it’s true what they say…some people can look damn good in anything. 🙂

  3. this was utter amazingness. Not only are you totally right on the clothes that are a decade old but the outfits are exactly what I see in the windows here and I wonder “Who the hell is wearing that?” Apparently… you. hahaha. this was great.

    • Yeah right!! My uniform consists of tank tops and shorts! I just try the outfits on, take pictures and quickly leave. Once in a while I buy a little dress or bracelet so they don’t get suspicious. I hope they don’t go on Instagram and see me clowning their store!! Lol.

  4. You Rock! I was looking for something more to keep me out of the bars on my day off. Not quite my style, but you’ve hit on a great pass-time. Actually, other than the polyester fabric and those hideous houseflies, that dress looks wonderful on you. It’s a nice cut.

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