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Born and raised on Curaçao, Stephany left her rock in her teenage years. Having always been the girl with the big plans moving confident in the direction of her dreams, this girl knew one thing very certain from a very young age and that was to see the world. Growing up she dreamed of traveling and doing things on her own (so much that at the age of six she packed her little bag and was convinced she’d move into the newly build houses in her neighbourhood all by herself). At 17, one year after a trip to Amsterdam and loving the city life and a few months after coincidental meeting and falling in love with a Dutch guy from Amsterdam, she finally saw the opportunity to leave. Four months after her so called crush left Curaçao, she was in Amsterdam.

Stephany describes herself as “a perfectly good learner, but being very bored in class so therefore wanting to achieve success her own way” and decided to quit her politics study after three years. By then she was already extensively traveling the world and felt that she learned more during her travels than in a lecture. Being a firm believer of doing whatever you want with your life and always actively pursuing her happiness, she realized after six years that life in Amsterdam had become dull and moved back to her rock one year later. Being the island girl once again, she’s ambitious to make it as a writer and volunteers for the Curaçao Animal Rights Foundation. For now she’s enjoying island life and planning to stay for a while, but who knows where her dreams will take her next.

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