Patty Varekamp

About Patty Varekamp

Patty (30 summers young) describes her rock as, a little weird... but fabulous. What was meant to be a temporary flee from her home country (as a thrill junkie, Patty needs a regular dose of adrenaline, otherwise she gets bored - with all its consequences) - ended up as a full blown relocation to a place she has been calling her home for over six years now.

When she first arrived on Curaçao, she immediately fell in love with her chosen rock. Island time was exactly what she needed after a particularly stressful period back in the Netherlands. The Caribbean lifestyle, "poco poco" mindset, sweet weather, tropical environment, and friendly, open-minded islanders blew new life into the rusted life of the ambitious and adventurous "Dutchie". Within a short time, she also found the love of her life, her soulmate, and married her loving husband in August 2015. The two tropical "love-parrots" sealed their love with a fairytale-like dream wedding and one kickass party (it wouldn't be surprising if the island sank a few inches that night from all the dancing!).

As a young, European (ie. blonde and slim) female entrepreneur with a lack of Caribbean curves but a wealth of Western impatience and an extremely driven personality, Patty experiences a lot of hilarious moments on her rock - from the unpleasant, to the strange, to the downright shocking. She loves to share them all through her biggest passion, writing. Her ultimate dream is to become a well-known writer while living the island lifestyle.

For all Dutch readers who'd like to get to know Patty better, you can check out her website

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