All I Want for Christmas…

Written by: Chrissann   After collaborating with my fellow Women Who Live on Rocks, we decided to compile a wish list of our own for Mr. Claus. But because we are adults and because most of us are likely on … Continue reading

Deliver Me from Hunger

Written by: Sophie   We’ve all been there. The sun somehow finds its way around, through or under your curtains, and pierces through your eyelids, zapping your eyeballs and all of a sudden you are very much awake…and very much … Continue reading

Where the Chickenosaurus Rules the Earth

Written by: Maura   My adopted home of Tortola is a mere 12 miles long and 3 miles wide and has a population of 23,000 – it very much looks and feels like the land that time forgot. With its … Continue reading

Ass Envy

Written by: Ashley   Since moving to the Virgin Islands, my body image issues have transferred themselves from my tiny, skinny-white-girl tits to my flat, skinny-white-girl ass. “Why?,” you ask. Because Caribbean women have beautiful curves, asses being prized above … Continue reading

Privacy Please

Written by: Chrissann   For the last 5 years, I’ve been living in a hotel. My boyfriend, David, manages the resort, which is why we’ve lived on-property in one of the rooms all these years. It’s a very small island … Continue reading

The Grass is Always Greener in Paradise

Written by: Chrissann   We have grass on our island. Real live grass. Almost a dead ringer for what you might find in your own front yard. And while I realize it’s not what most people think of when they … Continue reading


Written by: Dillinger   If you haven’t got one, you either lack imagination or lack mental health issues. The only way to get over one is to become a parent and hope that one of your children has the same … Continue reading