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      Lizzy B

        I am constantly reminding myself that i am so blessed to be living on the beautiful island of Mauritius …. having been here two and a half years already and still loving it. However, with all things fantastic there is always the downside … as I am sure many know, we have a serious stray dog problem here … due to: Most of the population do not believe in sterilization (against the culture), much of the population is rather poor and do not have the means to sterilize their pets and there is so much “dumping” of unwanted litters either in to the sugarcane fields or on the beaches … Sadly our government has not been completely on the page as far as trying to solve this problem .. so far there is a “wonderful” governmental society called MSAW (mauritian society of animal welfare … WELFARE! NOT) who rather choose the quick fix approach and use the catch and kill method resulting in up to tens of thousands of dogs been cruelly disposed of annually. We have many amazing, kind hearted NGO’s who relentlessly go out there and catch, sterilze and hopefully find adoptions for the lucky few … but sadly enough is never enough and its a constant battle to raise funds to keep all this going.

        I would be very interested to hear how fellow rock – animal – lovers feel and also what has been done on your rock to help with your stray dog/cat issue ..

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          start a volunteer animal rescue.  do fund raisers to pay for food, spaying etc.  what helped us the most was getting the RICH tourists involved by having a dinner and auction and selling tickets.  The auction was items donated…… a massage, dinner at a local restaurant etc.  it’s done every year at the height of season.  We have a regular set of tourist that come every year which is easier to get them to donate. With this money a vet is brought in once a month from the mainland and she does the spaying etc.  so far it works.  The hard part is teaching how to treat a dog or cat by getting shots and regular visits etc.  if someone has a dog or cat and can’t afford to feed it then they are given food etc and the spaying is also paid for.



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