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Captain Jan

    There is one appliance that I would pick over all others, including a microwave, air fryer (don’t know anything about those) an oven, you name it, and that is a pressure cooker (electric!). I never had a desire for one as we have all heard of them blowing up! But my son gave me one for Christmas so I had to learn to use it! After studying the directions over and over, I finally tried it but stepped far away once it started…OMG it is amazing especially for anyone living on a rock! I live on Long Island in the Bahamas and electricity is very expensive here as I am sure it is on any rock. A pressure cooker cooks food so fast and you can cook almost anything in it. Rice takes about 7 minutes and comes out perfect, you can put FROZEN chicken in it and it takes about 15 minutes. So if you forgot to thaw something out, no problem. Baked potatoes, hard boiled eggs…beef stew, soups, etc. Most have a slow cooker feature too. Some make yogurt, and you can bake cakes in it although I haven’t tried that yet. Sometimes I use mine 3 times a day. You can google recipes for almost anything. I am on my second one, the first one still works but it has a Teflon coating and I wanted stainless steel which I recommend. There are many brands out there and they are probably all good, my current one is a Mealthy, the Instant Pot is very popular…I promise you won’t regret this device! Happy cooking.

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