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The 4 Stages of Expat Island Life

Life as an island expat consists of a few stages that you will inevitably go through in your personal journey on a rock. You may go through each stage in the order they’re presented or you may find that you bounce from one back to the other in a cyclical... read more

Rocks Around the World

I recently met a new inhabitant of the rock I call home. It was she, a fully-signed up member of a rock community, who alerted me to Women Who Live on Rocks. Unsure as to the legitimacy of my claim as a true woman on a rock (considering I live on my island on and off... read more

My Sun Sets to Rise Again

As a medical student, my days go by very quickly. I usually wake up between 6:20-6:50am. I’m very particular about following my morning routine: I start off with brushing my teeth and washing my face to wake me up. Feed my animals. Apply makeup and start my coffee.... read more

My Secret to Surviving Med School on a Rock

Anyone who knows me knows that my pets are a HUGE part of my life. I brag about them to anyone who will listen. My Instagram is 95% photos of my babies. I have rescued three little strays on the island over the course of the time I’ve been here. My friends/family back... read more

Life Lessons from an Erratic Island Cow

My first semester of medical school on the island of St. Vincent was full of new experiences. I particularly remember one day when I had to leave school early because I wasn’t feeling well and found myself waiting at the bus stop to catch a local dollar van. For those... read more

An Island Awakening

Recently my partner Frank had to attend a 5-day Red Cross training class over on Sint Maarten. Rather than stay over each night, he opted to commute daily on the short ferry ride from Anguilla. I “carried” him to and from the ferry port each day, enjoying... read more

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