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The Adventurous Life of Barley The Pirate Dog

Instead of always hearing about life on a rock from a human's perspective, perhaps to mix things up you’d like to hear it from the floor-level vantage point of a 4-legged furry being.... My name is Barley and I’m a mature 57 years old. (That's calculated into human...

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Cocks on Rocks

Get your mind out of the gutter, will ya? Where I come from, a cock is a creature that crows and you can openly - without judgement or raised eyebrows - name things after them. You can have cock-a-leekie pie or go to the Cock & Balls Pub. No... wait a minute... I mean...

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The Day My Dog Became Island Royalty

We have been living on St. Maarten for about 9 years now. When we first got here, we had no pets. But the island seemed to know something was missing in our lives, so shortly thereafter, we were adopted by a dog and a cat. I can say without a doubt that these two rock...

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This Means War

When I first moved to St. John in 2002, I was excited to get to know the local fauna. The mongoose were adorable, the iguanas were great to take photos of, and my first donkey sighting felt like just about the coolest thing ever. I could deal with the occasional pig...

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The Grenadian Pothound Lifestyle

I came back to Grenada alone. Well, except for the contents of the XL dog crates that arrived with me. It had been some years since I had left the island “for good” as a bright-eyed, third year veterinary student, off to start my clinical year in Texas. I left with a...

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What We’re Leaving Behind

As we prepare for our move to another Caribbean rock, I've been reflecting on my time here and all the reasons I've come to love it so much. Topping the list, of course, are the friends we've made that we hope will always be a part of our lives. For posterity's...

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