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The Big Move: From a Rock to a Boat

Back when I was making my life plan, I definitely thought that by the time I was nearly 32 I'd be married in my home state with two kids. Instead, I find myself living out an alternative, beautiful dream as an Island Girl/Aspiring Mermaid/Lobster Diver and finally -...

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Sex and the Single Island Girl Over 40

They are single, they are fabulous, they are island girls, and they are over 40. The Caribbean is a fantastic place to live - I have said it again and again. But I'd recently got to wondering if the same was true for those who are here and not a part of a couple like...

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Why Islanders Have More Sex

This may be one of the best well-kept secrets of island living: we are *horny* here. Not like a little bit horny, but straight out, teenage-frenzy-horny. Have you ever noticed that you feel a bit more, ahem, amorous while on a beach vacation? Maybe it's the sun, sand,...

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Tips for Maintaining Your Privacy on a Rock

Someone famous once said, "You never appreciate your anonymity until you don't have it anymore." When you live in a wee fishbowl, with a population of about 65,000, boy do you ever come to value your privacy - and protect it more fiercely than you ever have before....

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Swiping Right in the Seychelles

Coming from London, I am not averse to the world of internet dating or, to be even more specific, Tinder dating. As it becomes more prevalent in our day to day lives, it becomes ever more common to hear actual success stories of those who have met their match online....

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