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The Cycle of Island Critters

Given the consistency of the Caribbean climate, seasons don't mean much on my island. In fact, I'm almost jealous of my family in Canada who segue from the gorgeous sunshine-drenched days of summer into the frosty white landscape of Winter. Now those are seasons. Here...

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Boas in the Bahamas

"Dave, can you come here NOW? There's a snake in our living room." It's a testament to my years on Eleuthera that I wasn't screaming and running for cover when I saw the 3ft snake that had slithered into the living room via an open sliding glass door. Before moving to...

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The Wild Side

Perhaps because I'm an only child, I've always had an affinity for animals. I'm allergic to cats, but I treasured all other pets my parents allowed me to keep as a kid. I was often late for school because I hadn't finished dressing up my Dachshund dog, Longfellow. I...

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The Pernicious Pests Of Paradise

The cay we live on is truly a beautiful place. Our little bungalow overlooks the gentle Sea of Abaco. Our north shore shoulders the cobalt Atlantic. Colorful reefs fringe our iron shore. There are swaths of bright green, grassy pastures in between, stippled with mini...

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Unmasking The Mysterious Night Marauder

We share our island world with many creatures of both the two and four-footed variety. To what degree the human islanders share depends on their particular tolerance level and general approach to critters. Hubby and I fall into the quite tolerant camp - but we do have...

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Zika vs. Jamaica

I am sitting on the edge of my bed, calmly poised with insect zapper in hand. I am frustrated, I feel irritated from being sung to in my ears just as I drift off to sleep. This seems liked a nightly ritual campaigned by the dreaded mosquito. I am up and I am ready for...

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