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St. Lucia

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St. Lucia

Zandilli didn’t choose the rock life – the rock life chose her. She was born on the bumpy little rock called St. Lucia, where she has developed her own little community, “Zan’s World”. Societal norms in Zan’s World include breaking out in song or dance at any point in time, forging friendships with the native plant life, and sending snail mail whenever possible. The motto here is, Like ketchup, everything is better with paint on it, and the native language is, Two at a Time.

When she steps out of her bubble, Zandilli can actually socialize with humans. She lives with her parents, “the boys” (brothers and cousins who are more like entertainment than company), and her roommates: Keke and her six kittens whose voices are easily mistaken for the buzz of mosquitoes (or maybe she’s just paranoid), and their dog, Doggy Dog.

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